Amazon goes back to books with Droga5

One of the traditional items on the Jeff Bezos charge sheet is that Amazon did much much to the destroy the bookselling trade when it began as a discount online bookseller. Then it brought out Kindle, a book substitute.

Well good old books have survived, even crediting TikTok with boosting sales significantly as it’s started to feature them (a TikTok-y list admittedly.)

Amazon is now running maybe its first actual TV-led campaign for books (anyone’s but you know who’s got the most) with Droga5 London and it’s an intriguing affair. Books can take you to all sorts of places.

The big tech companies (including Amazon) have been a boon for creative agencies in recent hard times. Awash with cash they can deploy big budgets and, presumably, pay decent fees. That may change of course as they’re all feeling the pain of the big tech sell off: Facebook shares halving, Twitter, Snap and the others also suffering. Google has its issues too and not just Elon Musk’s romantic antics. Even Apple, which has done much to cause social media’s woes by its changed stance on cookies, is expected to report lower sales or profits or both.

Make the most of it while it lasts then, which D5 more or less does here.

MAA creative scale:7.5.

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