A radical idea from Hilton – hotels nice to stay in

Hilton hotels has a new brand platform (as you do), ‘Hilton. For the Stay.’ The point being that most hotel ads focus on the joys of the destinations (nice beaches, sights etc) not what actually happens in the hotel. Then, of course, there’s airbnb.

CMO Mark Weinstein says: “Today, as we make company history with Hilton’s first brand platform, we’re reminding guests that at the heart of a great trip is a great stay and that it’s just different when that stay is with Hilton.”

Campaign by TBWA.

Weinstein makes a reasonable point, can Hilton live up to it? The brand’s taken a fair bit of trashing over the years.

Apparently one Paris Hilton will appear in the ads at some stage. Hilton staff are also being trained to take pictures for guests. Do you get a selfie with Paris?

MAA creative scale: Shows promise – 6.

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