Mathilde Lançon of BETC: my Top Tips for Cannes

Top Tips for Cannes

Change The Ref – The Lost Class

For me, it’s the masterpiece of the year. This campaign managed to create some conversation about a major society issue in the US all while creating emotion without being too heavy on sad feelings. I like the idea of bringing up the subject of gun violence without having to wait on a new drama.

This stunt resonates even more today given the latest events in the country.

Lacoste – Theo Curin

How can I not add this brilliant operation created by my own agency BETC ? Lacoste, with which we have been working for years, has collaborated with the swimmer Theo Curin and launched its first clothing line made for able-bodied people as well as handicapped people.

Matilda Bay – Rejected Ales

Outside of the fact that this beer has a beautiful name, it’s a brilliant design idea that went all the way to store activations with a very simple objective: highlight the perfection of this beer by proving that even its almost-approved versions of the beer are already delicious.

It’s a wonderful way of putting the spotlight on the craftsmanship behind the brewing process of the beer, which is a prized value for beer drinkers.

Mathilde Lançon is a business director at BETC.

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