Engine returns for Old Speckled Hen’s trusty fox

It’s always good to see a brand and ad campaign with staying power And Greene King’s Old Speckled Hen certainly qualifies, having been around since at least 1994.

OSH has done well to fend off the wave of new, often quite excitable, craft beers but it’s aimed at old farts – 35-55 year olds – who are presumably immune to the charms of BrewDog and the like. The new campaign’s from Engine, by Red Knuckles through Partizan.

OSH marketing controller David Spencer says: “We’re very excited about the new campaign we’ve created with Engine. We want to raise Old Speckled Hen’s profile among UK beer drinkers, showing what a distinctively delicious pint it is – one that, once discovered, truly rewards your curiosity.

“Engine have developed two hilarious new adventures for our mascot, Henry the Fox, that do just that. The TV spots will entertain millions of beer drinkers nationally, while the complimentary outdoor campaign will amplify brand visibility in a key sales period.”

MAA creative scale: 7.

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