Nationwide and VCCP use ‘the power of words’ to tackle bullying in schools

As a mutual building society Nationwide takes its social purpose seriously, and this new campaign by VCCP celebrates a partnership with The Diana Award focused on an anti-bullying message.

The film, set in a primary school, tells real life stories of school children who have suffered from bullying. Their words have been arranged into a poem by British poet Mike Garry, who also worked with Nationwide on its FA Respect programme.

A Censuswide survey in 2021 found that 24,000 children miss school each day due to bullying. Working with The Diana Award charity, Nationwide is placing 10,000 anti-bullying ambassadors — all trained schoolchildren — in schools around the country.

Laura Muse, creative director at VCCP London, said: “We can all relate to the feeling of loneliness that bullying leaves us with. But it’s amazing how quickly that eases just with someone to talk to. Sharing the children’s stories, and supporting The Diana Award, is the very essence of what being a mutual organisation is all about. The partnership reinforces why we love working with Nationwide. They’re a brand with doing what’s right at the heart of everything they do.”

MAA creative scale: 7

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