Evri little helps. Hermes rebrands but will it deliver?

Few brands have inspired as much hate as Hermes, the parcel delivery firm known only for poor customer service and consistent parcel mishandling.

VCCP has bravely taken on the task of persuading us that the relaunched Hermes – now called Evri – is a whole new proposition. The campaign will run for six months and is spearheaded by a straight, feelgood ad that shows a cheerful, considerate delivery guy and the sterling service he provides to the neighbourhood.

Hermes tripled in size over the last five years and now has £1.5 billion revenues, delivering 700 million parcels for 80% of the UK’s “top” retailers.

The new line is, “Evri delivery made for you” and the name change, according Superunion, “celebrates the diversity of the incredible people that power this business and the scale and breadth of the people they serve.” Mediacom has planned and executed the campaign.

Mark Orbine, ECD at VCCP London, said: “What we’ve managed to create with Evri is a powerful film, full of warm human emotion that we can all resonate with. Look out for an Evri delivery near you as we welcome back the return of reliable delivery experiences for everyone, everywhere.”

The ad is almost enough to convince you that Hermes has changed. Ask us again in a few months.

MAA creative scale: 6.5



  1. Could not find an email address to send the following email to Evri.
    Dear Customer Support,

    I have had a set of confusing emails.
    One of the notifications says it is from and will be delivered by Yodel order number 0089926001 but a previous notification came from
    Evri which used to be Hermes, timed at 1 minute after Yodel say they had delivered it, when I followed tracking.
    Tracking number H0018A0006297491 used on both emails
    My Complete Care order for Product Code M82497 ‘Leg Up Leg Lifter’ says the order number is 320062 not 0089926001.
    Tracking shows that Yodel thinks this item has been delivered at 10.53 on 19/3/22 but I have not received it.
    There is confusion about the courier, the delivery time and the order number but the parcel was eventually delivered.
    An email from Evri says it is out for delivery and will be delivered between 14.00 and 16.00 on19/3/22, later changed to between 13.00 and 15.00.
    Actual delivery 13.34 and email received to say it had been delivered.
    The email confusion meant I thought the parcel was missing initially when notified by (Yodel) and I checked with the neighbours.
    The Evri emails appeared to be more accurate and the parcel was delivered, not sure by which firm since doorbell rang but driver had gone before I
    could get to the door.
    Maybe an investigation is in order to prevent future confusion?

    John Bracewell

  2. Hermes has been without a doubt the worst of the couriers delivering to our property over the past two years. Almost half the packages were in damaged containers. On one occasion, I paid for 24hour delivery, for an urgent and rather large package to be used at an event. The courier only had a small vehicle and couldn’t get the package in with other items (it did go in on its own) the package took 72 hours to arrive and had to go back immediately as it had missed its time.

    Today (2 April 2022) a package arrived from Wilko, delivered by EVRi. There were delivery instructions for if we were out. These were ignored – the package was on the doorstep when we arrived home an hour later. And the container was damaged – cardboard box with a large hole in the top.

    If the EV of EVRi is for Electric Vehicle, then it’s going to be a while before that applies in this neck of the woods

  3. They use self-employed (casual) drivers, who won’t be in their employ long enough to learn where your neck of the woods is. They claim to be the largest volume UK courier. They are American owned – an investment group called Avent International. “Evri” is a name coined by a smart ad London agency, appointed to deal with dsiguising Hermes’s lousy reputation, which was well and truly earned, with a new caring name to suggest universality “Every (geddit?) parcel matters”. Sure it matters, but that ain’t going to deliver it.

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