New Year creative: Heineken and Starling

Two of the last year’s more notable advertisers are kicking off 2022, Heineken from Publicis Italia/Le Pub for its 0.0 no-alcohol beer and Wonderhood Studios for Starling Bank, this time aimed at businesses.

Heineken is tackling the not insignificant task of persuading us that everyone can be included on social occasions, whether they’re getting pissed or not. So we take a quick turn through history, including Vikings (who liked a drink, obviously) and foppish aristos.

The campaign’s called ‘Cheers With No Alcohol. Now You Can’ – a bit lumpy.

MAA creative scale: 5 (Get the point but it all seems a bit of a struggle – needs a better joke)

Starling is continuing its ‘Here to Change’ campaign with a spin aimed at business banking customers, floating into the ether to the tune of Cream’s ‘I Feel Free’ (again.) ‘Set Your business Free’ is the message.

Starling CEO Anne Boden says: “When business owners see the campaign, we want them to feel inspired and enticed by the freedom that banking with Starling can bring them. From no fees to incomparable on-the-go business banking, we’re quietly confident we offer a lot more than the traditional banks.”

MAA creative scale: 6 (niftily directed by Cloé Bailly but we could have done with a little more.)

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