New Year creative: Getir and Patak’s

Hardly blockbusters it’s true, but interesting in their own ways.

Getir is a Turkish-owned quick delivery company, currently in London – which may account for the name, no it’s not cockney for ‘Get ‘ere.’

And the company is sponsoring London Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur’s training kit, which may seem like an odd choice although the lads do jog around the pitch in it before matches. Football clubs get everything sponsored these days of course. Manchester United has a global mattress partner; handy no doubt when its long-suffering supporters need a lie down.

Anyway, new agency Neverland, which has made quite an impact in its two years of existence, is in the chair to big up Getir’s Spurs deal. With some not-so-well-known Spurs players.

Apparently the ad will appear automatically on your viewing device when you’re watching sport.

Could get a little wearing – MAA creative scale: 4.

Cheil-owned BMB is a London agency, slightly under the radar but one which usually makes a good fist of what life presents.

Patak’s is one of the more useful supermarket products, pretty authentic (and handy) Indian spices and sauces since 1957. This is its first TV campaign for ten years and, reasonably enough, trades on the brand’s heritage.

Note Meena from 1981, creating away with her baubles, bangles and beads.

Sensible advertising, should work for Patak’s.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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