What’s new in the adland name game? Global chief creative experience officer of course

The agency business yields to no-one in its ability to come up with new titles, mostly it seems involving an officer of some sort.

I see that TBWA\Worldwide has appointed Ben Williams (left) from R/GA as its first – presumably anyone’s first – global chief creative experience officer (or CCEO for short.)

While one might accept that “experience” is an important newish area for agencies – experience as opposed to customer experience, somehow – this is all getting a bit out of hand. Particularly the addition of ‘creative.’

Is it David Droga’s fault? A few years ago he renamed himself creative chairman of Droga5. Was this to underline that he was a creative as well as chairman? Even the dimmest client must have known that. Or to differentiate himself from a non-creative chairman?

To go back to the doubtless estimable Williams, does TBWA\Worldwide also have a non-creative chief experience officer? Who might be shortened to CEO, except that the agency already has one of those as I recall.

Calling someone creative doesn’t make them so.

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