CleanMyMac – or it’s the end of the world….

TBWA is famous for its work for Apple but TBWA\Helsinki is also on the case for CleanMyMac, an independent outfit that, well, cleans your Mac.

Macs are supposedly less prone to disasters (not my experience) so TBWA envisages the end of the world as a hapless technician grapples with an over-stuffed laptop.

Copywriter Emma Kanninen says: “We trust our computers to solve any given problem at command. But what would happen, if our trusted Macs failed us at the worst possible moment? Imagining the worst case scenario is always fun, because the characters are extremely relatable. We’re all lazy until it bites us in the backside.”

Too right.

Should appeal to technophobes everywhere (not entirely sure about Apple.)

MAA creative scale: 7.

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