John Lewis pushes the boat out for home insurance

Big British mutual John Lewis is making some drastic changes as the eponymous department store (growing bigger online) and Waitrose supermarket owner fights the aftermath of the pandemic and the likes of Amazon.

It seems to have accepted that it can longer be all things to all consumers – and has wisely ditched its “never knowingly undersold” promise – but clearly sees a viable market in home insurance. People still, generally, trust JL whereas the insurance market as a whole is anything but trusted. Many companies are keen to recruit you but reluctant to pay out.

So at JL you can now have “accidental damage cover” – at a price no doubt – so it isn’t a problem when some little darling destroys your home. Adam&eveDDB is on the case. ‘Let Life Happen’ is the message.

Customer director Claire Pointon says: “We wanted to inject joy, freedom and humour into this campaign. The story we landed on fulfils this, with the idea that when you have John Lewis’ Home Insurance with the option of accidental damage cover, you don’t need to worry anymore, you can just ‘let life happen’.

“The ad playfully highlights the things that could happen as Reggie dances around, freely expressing himself, from knocked vases and picture frames, to paint on the carpet and nail varnish along the bannisters.”

Some viewers might thing the young person in question requires an old-fashioned clip round the ear (not allowed these days, of course) rather than an addition to your insurance policy.

But, as ever with A&E, it’s slick, a bit different and the production values are impeccable (Steve Nicks for the soundtrack.)

MAA creative scale: 7.5.

PS Wonder what they’re planning for Christmas? They’ve spent some money on this, maybe we’re in for another epic.

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