Tesco under fire from Greenpeace for its “burning secret”

This is hardly what Tesco wanted to wake up to on Monday morning, a new Greenpeaqce film about its alleged “burning secret,” sourcing meat from supplier JBS which, according to Greenpeace, is still busily burning swathes of the Amazon to grow animal food.

From Chicken Fruit Studio with composed and recorded by Reeder.

Greenpeace says: “Tesco often talks about its plans to buy soya ‘only from deforestation-free areas’ by 2025 but it’s pure greenwash. These areas don’t even exist and talks to establish them collapsed in 2019.

“It also defends its contract with companies owned by the notorious forest-destroyer JBS, claiming it can hold the company to account better as a customer but that’s not working. JBS recently announced it would accept deforestation in its supply chain for another 14 years.

“With the climate crisis worsening by the day and the Brazilian government intent on weakening environmental legislation, it’s time Tesco took a proper stand. It must drop forest destroyers immediately and reduce the industrial meat sold from its shelves from now.”

No word from Tesco yet although doubtless there will be. The ad may disappear too, you never know.

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