Now takes a surreal approach to price comparison wars

As life in the UK belatedly returns to normal (we hope) we can expect a veritable battering from price comparison sites, now facing the challenge of an energised MoneySuperMarket and its new agency New Commercial Arts.

One of the problems with these campaigns (for consumers anyway) is that, after a while, they can drive you nuts. How much of Gocompare’s Gio Compario, even in his new non-operatic guise, can we take? And do we trust the damn things anyway? and agency Karmarama are back with ‘Worlds of Confusion,’ an ambitious thirty seconds building on its (they say) “successful confusion-to-clarity brand platform.” We’re heading to dreamland.

CMO Samuel Day says: “Life is full of everyday confusions, and we wanted to take these potential challenges and position them as a force for good, showing that there can be value in questioning things. It’s what prides itself in doing, day in, day out.

“We want people to be confident when it comes to resolving common confusions and celebrate the feel-good factor of overcoming everyday challenges.”

Better from Karmarama and at least is trying to develop things.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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