Lego goes DIY – is it a damp effort for the ‘damp knight?’

Another in-house effort (the way the world seems to be going), this time from Lego featuring a Monty Python-esque ‘damp knight.’

You shouldn’t pre-judge such efforts but, somehow, expect the worst or something that isn’t as good as it’s trying to be. There’s a decent idea and a big budget, so here goes. It’s promoting creativity (one of today’s theme tunes) by the way – and Lego of course.)

There’s surely a better ad trying to get out. Does it need an agency? Only if the agency can contribute something of course (objectivity, experience even wisdom) but, given the talent exodus from agencies, there don’t seem to be too many that can offer this convincingly.

Be interesting to see what some of the newish single client focussed agencies managed by the holding companies come up with. for the likes of Mercedes.

MAA creative scale: 4.

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