Ladbroke’s drums in the new football season with Neverland

Ladbroke’s is building on the success of its “drummers” Euro 2020 campaign through new agency Neverland with a number of new ads featuring (drumming) supporters of individual Premier League clubs.

Video’s here (if you’re old enough, of course.)

Ladbroke’s head of brand marketing Stewart Townsend (or Stew as he likes to be known) says: “Our latest campaign brilliantly captures the excitement of football and helps to establish Ladbrokes as an entertainment brand. The drummers are back and we are using them to express the tension and anticipation that fans feel in the days and hours leading up to a weekend kick-off.”

An “entertainment brand” is an interesting one.

Neverland co-founder Jon Forsyth says: “After grabbing the nation’s attention with a tension-busting penalty bonanza, the drummers are back to play us into the new season.” Not sure we want to be reminded of the “tension-busting” penalties Jon.

But you can’t blame them for making a noise. Better than most of the bookies’ offerings.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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