Horses for courses: Havas enters the lists for new women’s contraceptive Hana

It seems bizarre that women have had to wait this long for over-the-counter, non-prescription contraceptives but now they don’t and Hana is the first off the blocks in the UK, with a launch campaign by Havas.

Well where else would you go? Years of toiling in the ad trenches for Durex must have created a certain expertise in dealing with matters sexual and this, as you’d expect, is a perky number.

HRA Pharma marketing director Kate Evans says: “The change in how women can access oral contraceptives in the UK means more choice, which really is something to celebrate. Havas has captured that in this launch work for Hana with an upbeat campaign that will inspire and empower its target audiences.”

Havas CCO Vicki Maguire says: “Finally, women can access the basic right to manage their own reproductive health. While it’s taken 60 years, this democratisation of contraception is a game-changing moment for women. For many, a healthy sex life is crucial to their wellbeing – and knowing their contraception is taken care of, without any of the faff, gives them new-found freedom.”

Quite so.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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