Channel 4 claims first with programmatic deal for All 4.

Channel 4’s All 4 is claiming to be the first UK broadcaster to allow advertisers to buy digital ad space programmatically through its new All 4 Private Marketplace, which uses real-time bidding.

C4’s Future4 plan aims to deliver 30% of revenues from digital advertising by 2025. Private Marketplace is a partnership with The Trade Desk and supply side platform Freewheel and is due to be integrated with Google’s DSP DV360.

Programmatic was first mooted on Channel 4 as far back as 2015, through a deal with Dentsu.

C4 chief revenue officer Verica Djurdjevic says: “The launch of All 4 Private Marketplace represents the next generation of broadcaster digital ad innovation offering brands complete flexibility to advertise around high quality content on All 4 and improved access to our young engaged viewers.

“Channel 4 has always been at the leading edge of the latest ad tech available which is significantly contributing to the delivery of our Future4 strategy and digital growth as we continue to diversify new revenue streams and strike new strategic partnerships that enable us to compete more effectively.”

Programmatic ads aren’t universally popular with all audiences (MAA readers included – but needs must) and there are bound to be cases where All 4’s sometimes contentious content is placed next to unsuitable ads.

This is probably another nail in the coffin of the old-style (human) TV buyer, one of whose favourite pursuits used to be beating up Channel 4 over airtime prices.

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