Post-pandemic creativity: McDonald’s and Virgin Hotels

McDonald’s, in the UK anyway, isn’t having any of that post-lockdown “it’s all business as usual” nonsense, sticking with ‘Fancy a McDonald’s’ from Leo Burnett, depicted as a private, somewhat intimate pleasure.

Not a big Mac as we know it but maybe, with food police about everywhere a wise-ish choice. Maybe they’ll do away with the restaurants.

MAA creative scale: 7.

Meanwhile, in the US, Virgin Hotels is going all out to say it’s back to normal, with a “hedonista” extolling pool service not room service. From Joan I think.

The Virgin brand is scattered across so many products these days that it’s hard to determine whether it still works or not. Richard Banson leading the ranks of unlikeable billionaires into space (well close to it, strictly speaking) maybe doesn’t help although it may play better in the US than the UK which has experienced his trains.

Diverting but not entirely convincing. Is Virgin trustworthy enough?

MAA creative scale: 5.


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