King Cantona is back on (Ocean) billboards in Man U supporters ownership crusade

Watched Eric Cantona’s documentary The United Way the other night (presented, co-written and produced by the great man) and they were all there: Becks, Fergie et al but nary a Glazer, the controversial owners in the post-Cantona era, in sight.

Now the Manchester United Supporters Trust (MUST) is launching a campaign to ensure that, as promised, the fans get the opportunity to buy shares in the club (now a biggish quoted company) following the European Super League fall-out.

And fronting it is none other than our Eric, adorning Ocean Outdoor billboards across Manchester in a campaign from The Cernis Collective.

MUST chief executive Duncan Drasdo says: “Once again Eric Cantona is leading the attack for United and we as United fans need to follow his example – and join the Sign for United campaign. No-one loves the club more than we do so fans should be at the heart of ownership. This is our chance to start that change.

“Joel Glazer promised to create the biggest supporters share scheme in sport – now is the time to make good on that promise.”

The Glazers, holed up in Florida, are pretty good at swerving the many brickbats hurled their way.

But you tangle with Cantona at your peril, as an overly vociferous Cystal Palace fan found to his cost (and Eric’s, he was banned for the rest of the season) all those years ago.

This one – not the best use of a Cantona creatively perhaps (see below) but it does the job.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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