Post-pandemic creativity: BBDO for Ford and Switzerland, St Luke’s debuts for Ocado

Let’s hope this time it really is post-pandemic. New commercials are tumbling out, some shot in lockdown and kept until markets open up.

BBDO is one of the mighty engines of Omnicom and will surely play a big role as its holding company owner, hit hard by the pandemic, recovers in 2021.

It’s now Ford’s main agency (with Wieden+Kennedy in the wings) and BBDO Germany is going all James Brown for the Mustang Mach-E Electric, an interesting challenge for the definitive muscle car. No production expense has been spared.

But…sometimes it’s what you leave out that makes a good film. If you’re trying to appeal to music-loving millennials (or whomever) you don’t need a band on every street corner. They might find it naff.

Wirz BBDO in Switzerland has enlisted national treasure Roger Federer to plug his homeland as the summer tourist market belatedly opens up (they hope) and teamed him with Robert De Niro. RDN is in everything these days (a divorce it seems.)

Federer, once the epitome of wooden in such things is getting better with practice. De Niro is at home (in both senses) too. The floral boxers are a nice Zoom-generation touch, as is the bad language and reference to “Hanks.”

London agency St Luke’s has been winning UK accounts left right and centre and it debuts for online grocer Ocado with, heavens above, what we used to call a jingle. ingenious film too.

St Luke’s is consistently good these days, hence the new business presumably. Still haven’t seen anything for the Daily Mail. Maybe they can have a jingle too (answers on a postcard…)

MAA creative scales:

Ford – 4 (could have been so much better with an idea.)

Switzerland – 7 (keeps you watching.)

Ocado – 8 (old tricks can still work in clever hands – good ad debut for Ocado too)

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