Rosapark for Greenweez shows top class copywriting is alive

Much debate recently about the seemingly lost art of copywriting even as agency after agency bangs on about ‘storytelling,’ which is usually best effected with a script.

Such skills do exist though – although in Britain you need to cross La Manche to find them. Although the Brits like to depict the French as humourless President Macron-type clones, they still produce genuinely funny ads.

Agency Rosapark (sticking with its name it seems) is a reliable source of wit and wisdom and now creatives William Verdel and Sebastien Mertens, along with director Tony Vernagallo, have pitted comedian Nicolas Méryeux against various wildlife in ‘Man vs Otter’ for French organic retailer Greenweez.

The point being that Greenweez walks the walk unlike the woke wally played by Méryeux.

Rosapark co-founder and ECD Gilles Fichteberg says:”Weeks of research were necessary for the documentary filmmakers to find scenes and reactions perfectly adapted to the comedy. We pushed the location scouting to the extreme so that the montage, composed of archival and filmed images, would be as credible as possible and give the impression that all the scenes were shot in the same place.”

Time well spent.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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