New Commercial Arts pitches humanity and technology for new-style Vodafone

Here’s the eagerly-awaited New Commercial Arts debut for Vodafone, the global creative account it won hard on the heels of opening in the UK last year.

With a new brand positioning – naturally – ‘Humanity and Technology – Together We Can.’

It’s been said before (possibly here) that in its long life as one of the world’s biggest companies Vodafone has scarcely produced a decent ad, despite some respected marketing luminaries toiling there.

It’s a big call for any company to promise humanity along with technology and quite a challenge for the new agency (which presumably devised it.) Most mobile users would settle for a decent signal.

Vodafone says the new campaign “celebrates what humanity can do with technology,” a move driven by the response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

As ever from the NCA crew (who hail from adam&eveDDB and BBH among others) the accomplished film – directed by Tony Green – goes a long way to winning you over.

Decent start then but Vodafone has to stick with it.

MAA creative scale: 7

This is an updated version of an earlier story.

And another update: here’s the 90-second cut. What a difference a really well-made film makes.

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