Apple’s Tim Cook turns ad star as tech giant unleashes blizzard of new ads

Is there anything Apple can’t or won’t do? Steve Jobs’ Cupertino creation will doubtless confirm that it’s just about the most profitable company in the history of the world when it announces its latest results shortly (Saudi Arabia’s Aramco oil maybe beats it.)

It’s become an absolute behemoth under Tim Cook however and the CEO takes time out from bashing Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg with a surprise appearance in the first of a blizzard of new ads.

Released alongside its “Spring Loaded” event. This is for the new IPad Pro, now armed with an M1 processor (handy it seems.)

And now the new Air Tag tracking device.

A rather more rudimentary effort for the new super-duper IMac (even Apple can’t resist cramming in all those features.)

It’s assault and battery from technology really. Creative ambition and and the biggest of budgets sweetens the pill.

MAA creative scale (the lot): 8.

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