Virtue hits the right note for The National lottery

The UK’s National Lottery is running an interesting campaign showing some of the things it supports, a change from exhorting us to buy a ticket and get rich.

This seems to have come from TNL’s “content” box rather than advertising, so it’s a good opportunity for agency Virtue. Virtue is owned by online media company Vice so it’s content should be a cut above the usual (content often seeming to mean less good but cheaper ads.)

Among the supported “spaces” highlighted are the Kielder Obervatory and The Comedy School.

TNL head of content marketing Arabella Gilchrist says: “We are always looking for different ways to bring to life the £30 million that is raised by National Lottery players every week. With this campaign, we hope to do this in a way that is relevant and engaging for new audiences and cohorts of people.”

Virtue strategist Kris Jalowiecki says: “The National Lottery is a force for good in this country. In the spirit of generosity, we want everyone to feel like they have access to the things that The National Lottery funds. By inviting audiences to take part, and by making these digital experiences welcoming and entertaining to all, it makes the act of buying a ticket feel like you’re making an implicit investment in the great causes that The National Lottery and their beneficiaries support.”

Interesting stuff, hits the right note.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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