CIA rebrands to be more diverse – designer is a secret

America’s CIA intelligence agency has rebranded and, as with all such “improvements” to venerable institutions, controversy has sparked.

Here are the old and new versions (guess which one is which.)

Creative Bloq

There’s already a mystery over who designed it, the CIA is saying it wasn’t Kanye West collaborator Ryder Ripps

Anyway the aim is to make the CIA more inclusive and diverse, particularly in its upper echelons. There always seems to be odd black person in the Bourne films (one’s abiding impression of the CIA these days) although, as there are serried ranks of operatives with banks of computers completely failing to get to grips with the errant agent, maybe you don’t want to be one of the top dogs.

There’s also a brief YouTube video here but we can’t show that. Security and all that, you know. Obviously why it’s on YouTube.

MAA Creative Scale: confidential.

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