Why Instagram is a great tool for effective sports marketing

Since its creation in October 2010, Instagram has quickly become one of the world’s most frequented social media applications, with over 1 billion monthly active users in 2020. It’s clear that the user-friendly, photo sharing network has completely changed what it means to view and post visual content. But how has the rise of Instagram affected important brands in today’s culture? Specifically, when it comes to sports companies, marketing tactics are focusing more on how they can appeal to users through the popular platform than by using other, more traditional methods. Let’s take a look at some reasons why Instagram may just be the most useful tool of the moment.

Over one billion monthly users

Sporting companies and brands that do not have active and relevant Instagram accounts are undoubtedly losing potential customers. Many sports fans use the platform as a tool to check news and enjoy high-quality photo content from their favourite teams, visiting pages that are related to the industry as well.

Since its initial launch, Instagram has grown exponentially in numbers and figures, and what was once just another social media application is now a vital tool for marketers everywhere. If your brand is bound to reach more users by just making an account, what could you possibly have to lose?

Recent statistics show that out of 1 billion Instagram users, 71% are 35 years of age or younger

Greater visibility to customers

It’s no secret that a mobile presence increases sport’s brands visibility by connecting with billions of users through social media. Sports-related companies are ensuring that their brands have an equally appealing mobile grid as they do website landing page. For example, leading brands in football betting offer updates stats and figures on their online page, and link to this same location from their Instagram bios. This way, fans of sports betting who are also frequent checkers of Instagram have extremely convenient access for placing wagers on their favourite teams and players.

Brands also pair this strategy with attractive content that mirrors the website’s overall image. Just take a look at some of the top sporting goods brands in the industry- they each display stunning photographs and intriguing copy for their products. Although the content is laid out using a different format, the same logos and colors make the brand immediately recognizable for users even on another platform. The bottom line: a captivating Instagram page is just as important as a captivating online site, and brands that do both well are some of the best.

Photo content stimulates interest and emotions

The great thing about sports is that it has the potential to capture the best in photo content simply by existing. Especially football games, with their constant action and enthusiastic fan following. Matches have produced some of the best images, eliciting real emotion in their viewing. While most modern-day shots have already made their way over to be posted on the social media giant, many never had the opportunity because Instagram didn’t exist. However, since we are now in a day and age where pictures can not only say a thousand words, but also reach thousands of people, there is no reason for brands not be uploading meaningful images as a part of their campaigns.

Mobile advertising is the future

Let’s face it: advances in technology are only set to increase over the next few decades, and many of those innovations will directly impact mobile phones. Since most of the population carries around these tiny computers with them 24/7, mobile platforms are most definitely the future of marketing useful information. Even food companies like Heinz have used the platform to their advantage.

The point is this — if you’re a relevant top brand, you are on Instagram. Most sports clubs and organizations are highly active, and the biggest retail sporting brands are increasing their following base by thousands every year. As younger generations enter the world of Instagram, these numbers are only set to rise. One thing’s for certain — video and photo sharing, especially through this leading application, is the future of advertising.
One of the most popular sporting goods manufacturers in the industry, Nike’s continued success is partly due to their superb presence on Instagram

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