Apple, Google underline power with end-of-year ad blitz

Tech companies have never been closer to taking over the commercial/social world (some might say they have done already) but also never been under such fire from legislators, especially in the US.

Goodness knows much the likes of Apple and Google (and Amazon) spend on above-the-line advertising but it probably dwarfs what most consumer goods companies spend – and they spend it mostly on digital these days.

The digital suppliers – tech companies – are dominating screen time with video-on-demand. Here’s three new ones, two from Apple.

And a more ambitious effort from Google, hymning the crucial role of search in a terrible year.

And, in their own ways, they’re all very good.

MAA creative scale: Apple 7, Google 8.

But why does Google’s effort make you a little uneasy. It seems to be on the side of the angels (to those of us of a liberal disposition) and search has never been more useful. But what if a company with such power (30m views for this on its own YouTube channel) wasn’t?

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