MAA blast from the past: 40 years of Leagas Delaney

Independent international creative network Leagas Delaney is celebrating 40 years in business with a collection of favourite ads from over the years.

Here are two: the first with Anthony Hopkins for Barclays, a period when bankers were surprisingly glamorous figures and the second for Pontins way back in 1982, when UK advertising was enjoying a golden period.

With comments from agency founder and chairman Tim Delaney.

Barclays – Player from Leagas Delaney on Vimeo.

2000. Banks and bankers were very much part of popular culture around the time Leagas Delaney London made this spot starring Anthony Hopkins and his ‘wife.’

It’s a paean to ‘bigness’ that spoke so naturally of the period. Immaculately shot by the late Tony Scott, we still think this is one of our very best.

Pontins – Swimming Pool from Leagas Delaney on Vimeo.

1982. Pontins had famously bad advertising – owner Fred Pontin implored people to ‘Book Early’ into his holiday camps with a thumbs up! We soon changed that.

A simple premise that said we all become different people on holiday, and the sheer ambition of Paul Weiland’s direction turned them into a Silver winner at Cannes & Gold at the British Television Awards – proving there is no such thing as a bad client or sector.

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