Is Lincoln Project’s anti-Trump ‘Hospital’ ad below the belt and over the top?

Covid-19 looks like it will be the defining issue of the US presidential election and anti-Trump Republican group The Lincoln Project isn’t pulling any punches in its latest ad.

Essentially they’re saying Trump could have stopped (some of) 200,000 deaths – a pretty serious accusation, mass murder I think it’s called.

Trump, of course, is saying he’s beating Covid on his own after his bizarre hospital visit.

This is powerful enough – but too far over the top, even for a US election?

In the UK, for example, bumbling Boris Johnson and his advisers have overseen about the same number of deaths relative to the population (about 46,000/70 million) and no-one is accusing them of murder.

This US election is proving the most compelling spectacle on earth (albeit one you might wish to watch from behind the sofa.)

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