Ex-Accenture media managers team up at Maximise

Accenture’s decision to pull out of media auditing has (as we’ve noted before) opened up opportunities for others and now former Accenture Media Management CEO George Patten (below) has teamed up with former colleagues Alexi Benhamou, Deniz Urgun, Chi Ka Wa and Liz Workman, an experienced UK media executive, to launch Maximise Media Management.

There are media consultants all over the place of course but Maximise – which claims to offer a “holistic” service covering all aspects of agency/client relationships – looks like it has genuine heft, operating in the UK, US, Middle East and Asia. Patten was also COO of Dentsu’s DAN in Asia.

Patten says: “Maximise will not give our clients 100 page PowerPoint decks in August 2020 talking about Media results for 2019 versus random benchmarks. We will work and report in market monthly and look holistically across the Media /Marketing landscape at how collectively we can drive our client’s business forwards for the next month…and the month after that and then for the year ahead.”

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