Goodby Silverstein goes for cheesy gold with Michael Bolton Panera launch

What is it about Mac n’ Cheese? One of the (crumbling) foundations of the Kraft empire of course. Saw an old edition of Australian Masterchef recently (don’t ask) and the formidably clever tyro cooks were invited to cook this – to their bemusement mostly.

Anyway, Panera Bread in the US is introducing Broccoli Cheddar Mac & Cheese to its menu, with what is bound to be seen as the ultimate cheesy campaign, featuring veteran warbler Michael Bolton reprising ‘When a man loves a woman’ (the immortal original was Percy Sledge.) From Goodby Silverstein.

Nicely done, makes you laugh – no mean feat these days. Should be a big hit on all fronts.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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One comment

  1. Unfortunately GS+P will never be able to match the awfulness of W + K’s “Lusty Smithy” epic of a few years ago… With the spot matching the awfulness of the shitty product.