BBH Singapore hits the animation heights in new Absolut global campaign

You never know what you’re going to get from Absolut but the global vodka brand is good at sidestepping the restrictions on booze advertising, assisted in no small measure by BBH Singapore.

Now it’s looking forward to a Covid-stricken world returning to normality with a new brand Platform (another of those) ‘It’s In Our Spirit.’ The campaign features actress Tessa Thompson, C-Pop star Jolin Tsai, pro gamer Ricki Ortiz and musician MNEK (no, me neither) and some stunning animation.

The lady with the garter, if such it be, may well prove popular.

Absolut Company CCO Tad Greenough says: “This new campaign marks the beginning of a new chapter for the Absolut brand. The desire and need to break free – to venture beyond the screen back into the real world, where real-life togetherness creates the ultimate and most intimate connectivity – is in all of us now, but especially in Gen Z.

“With its strikingly fresh and original visual look and the ‘It’s In Our Spirit’ theme, BBH Singapore’s work positions the Absolut brand as being truly at one with the times.”

The animation is the work of Psyop duo and partners Todd and Kylie. BBH also worked with Stink and The Marketing Arm (TMA) on the campaign with music by Danish band Efterklang.

One of the best ads of the year.

MAA creative scale: 9.5.

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