Durex launches Out of Home campaign to mention the seemingly unmentionable

Durex, via Havas, has been giving us a guided tour around various sexual options for a while now and now it’s turning its attnetion to anal sex, something it says happens 56 billion times a year.

Trouble is, from their point of view, media owners rather frown on its depiction.

So Havas has produced a series of posters that reference it without saying so and even re-imagined a chunk of the Kama Sutra (the KS only gives it five “positive mentions” for some reason or other.)

Here we go then.

Oriane Kowalczyk, marketing director, RB Health France, Belgium & the Netherlands says: “Anal sex has been under-represented in the mainstream for far too long. So often our pre-conceptions are based on outdated cultural references as well as clichés, and the reality today is that a quarter of couples are having anal sex or want to explore it.

“Those couples deserve the right education, knowledge and products to make shared pleasure possible. Yet, we can’t talk about it. We hope this is the first step in encouraging a more open conversation and a world of uncensored sex for all.”

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