BBH shares Hegarty wisdom via high tech face-to-face

Maybe we are all being nicer to each other in lockdown. BBH is now sharing what it calls an “immersive experience” with founder and long-time creative director Sir John Hegarty, previously available to staff.

“Hegarty On…” offers a face-to-face meeting with the great man, sharing his opinions on creativity, art, philosophy, and advertising. Shot before he retired from the agency (he’s still busy at incubator The Garage London.) Developed by BBH Singapore with directors The Kissinger Twins, along with MediaMonks (now the jewel in Sir Martin Sorrell’s new S4C empire), MIMO Production and Kuva. There are 17 themes in all.

Joakim Borgstrom, worldwide CCO at BBH, says: ”Everyone knows that Sir John is a great storyteller. Just before he retired from BBH we shot these videos in his office as we wanted to find an interesting way to capture his legacy in a space where many of his great ideas were born.

“His office doesn’t exist anymore so these sessions are a link to that moment of time when he was still around at BBH. By using the 360 VR technology we have tried to make it as close to reality as possible.”

Access Hegarty here.

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