Simon Labbett of Truant: my MAA blast from the past – BBC’s ‘Perfect Day’

BBC ‘Perfect Day’ Leagas Delaney 1997.

“My ‘blast from the past’ has to be 1997’s Perfect Day, directed by Gregory Rood for the BBC. A somewhat strange brief, it was ostensibly created as a charity single to raise money for Children in Need. But it also doubled as a piece of propaganda, telling us how brilliant the BBC’s music offering was, which was unnecessary as we were already witnessing the Beeb’s musical prowess. As well as forcing us into appreciating the corporation’s music creds, the film was also an attempt to thank us for funding them. Like we had a choice! So perhaps the project should have failed.

But this was 1997: pre-Jimmy and the scandals that unfolded. Love for the BBC was at an all time high and the fact it had a whiff of propaganda about it really didn’t matter. Bowie, Reed, Bono, Heather and Elton made it utterly sublime to watch and the clip has stood the test of time better than most. So much so that it set the template for today’s equally brilliant Radio 1 Live Lounge Times Like These film. Done well, these musical ensembles capture emotion like nothing else.”

Simon Labbett is ECD and founding partner of Truant London.

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