Mark Andrews: my MAA blast from the past – David Fincher for Nike

Nike 1992

As some will know, I’ve always been a great supporter of the best that the US ad agencies can produce when they are allowed to. And I mean, when they do it, they really do do it!

From David Fincher at the top of his commercials career and at the leading-edge of the astonishingly successful Nike campaign, this was born from an incredible marriage of talent in dream team agency Weiden & Kennedy, production company Propaganda and some of the hottest NBA stars.

This film is a smorgasbord of wonderful film and cultural reference, delivered with great energy and wit. Featuring Charles Barkley, it caricatures wonderful Hollywood tropes, Rap (years ahead of the curve of mainstream acceptability), sophisticated humour and genuine wit. This is film making of the highest order.

From the greatest production company’s greatest director, for a great client at the very height of the TV commercial’s power as the dominant channel, this knocks it out of the park for me. I don’t think we will see its like again.

Mark Andrews is managing director of M8 Content (M-A-D-E Ltd.)

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