Homebase bets on sunshine, sometime

You produce, rather cleverly, what you hope will be a TV-friendly brand ‘mascot’ and audiences unexpectedly go through the roof. Trouble is…can you buy the stuff?

Homebase and agency Atomic’s new campaign, aiming to cash in on Easter sunshine and fun in the garden, breaks today. Featuring brand mascot Gary the tortoise (who looks pretty convincing courtesy of Partizan and animators Rick and Mario.)

Trouble is…well we all know what the trouble is.

On the upside should get more people to consider Homebase, which seems to be recovering pretty well from the disaster of its former Australian owners. And one day the virus clouds will surely lift.

On the downside will “non-essential” home deliveries still be allowed, if there’s a total UK shutdown? In which case the entire non-food retail business will be toast. Not to mention ad-funded TV.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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