MSQ’s Stack debuts Twitter prize winner for domestic abuse charity Solace

Women’s domestic abuse charity Solace Women’s Aid is using a new Twitter feature to reveal a hidden side of domestic abuse. #HiddenAbuse Solace says that it takes six and a half years for a woman to leave an abusive relationship

The campaign, from MSQ Partners customer acquisition agency agency Stack, uses Twitter’s new ‘hidden replies’ feature to raise awareness of the issue. ‘Hidden replies’ is a feature that provides people with the option to hide replies to their tweets and manage conversations.

The idea won Twitter’s Powered By Tweets competition.

The campaign shows a photo of a seemingly happy couple accompanied by the contrasting phrase: “This is what domestic abuse looks like.” Users will then be challenged to find the hidden story, discovering the true reality behind the picture by clicking into the tweet and on the ‘hidden replies’ button.

Solace business development director Jane Jutsum says: “Just because domestic abuse doesn’t always result in physical injuries that doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Hidden abuse can take many forms, from controlling somebody’s actions, to alienating someone from their family and friends, to creating an environment of fear and suffering.

“But some people don’t realise hidden abuse is actually a type of domestic abuse. We believe every woman has the right to a life free from abuse and violence.”

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