Aldi throws down gauntlet to middle classes with ‘Like’

Advertising, as well as lots of other things obviously, clearly works for Aldi and it’s back with a new campaign, ‘Like.’ Which is pushing at an open door really (two gripes – it no longer sells newspapers and its delivery service is woeful.)

Marketing director Sean McGinty says: “We know that once customers try our great range of award-winning products at amazing prices they fall in love with Aldi. The Like campaign uses Aldi’s well-known sense of humour and one of our much-loved characters to say, ‘come on, try it for yourself. You might just like it’.”

OK Sean, but have a harsh word with Mr Yodel. Suppose if Aldi got its own vans the prices would go up.

Very good from McCann, as is usually the case these days.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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