Skoda goes slapstick with police chase from Rosa Park

Skoda has invented a clever new key that restores all the settings to match its owner’s preferences. Mirror, seat position, radio station — all are immediately returned to exactly where you want them as soon as you put your key in the lock.

Rosapark has taken this product benefit and dramatised it with a pair of cops — Will and Chuck — who set about pursuing a criminal, but are delayed when the driver just can’t get the settings right for the chase. It’s like a scene from a quality movie and it’s very well done.

Gilles Fichteberg, co-founder and creative director of Rosapark, said: “As a challenger brand, we must always go a step further in entertainment to get noticed. With this film, we propel viewers into a cinematographic genre that they know and love, we create a bond with enduring characters, positioning Skoda in an ever more positive dynamic.”

The ad will be seen online and is directed by Jean-Baptiste Saurel, who is also behind another good Skoda ad (Skoda sales are up 12.6 per cent in France this year), “Ugly in the 90’s.” Rosapark worked with Google to create a new tool on Google Street View which allows online users to chase the blue van for the chance to win a round-trip voyage for two to Los Angeles.

MAA creative scale: 8

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