Possible Moscow joins anti-plastic crusade for Greenpeace

Here’s another effort to save the world – this time from the dreaded plastic – from Possible Moscow (still part of the WPP empire one presumes) for Greenpeace Russia.

It’s an interesting spin on a hunting culture – with a neat twist.

A regular weapon — Greenpeace from PM on Vimeo.

Possible creative director Artyom Filimonov says: “Despite the fact that all actual weapons sales in Russia are heavily regulated, we are now in the position where the weapon (disposable plastic) that can destroy the nature can easily get into the hands of ordinary people living in the biggest country in the world.”

There are so many anti-plastic campaigns out there, which have reeled in loads of awards, that the tide, as it were, should surely be turning. Be interesting to find out if it is.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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