Cravendale milk gets Stella treatment from Wieden+Kennedy

Milk ain’t what it used to be; was behind someone the other days who ordered an English breakfast tea with soya milk (they didn’t have any.)

So Arla Cravendale may not be wholly bonkers to punt Cravendale milk that isn’t just milk, it’s “fresh milk that’s filtered for purity.” Which makes it last longer and taste nicer it seems. With a trademark effort from Wieden+Kennedy London.

Arla’s Emma Stanbury says: “The new campaign celebrates what makes Arla Cravendale a cut above; that it’s filtered for purity. Throughout the ad we see Cravendale being sought after in lots of different scenarios to convey it’s milky marvelousness. Step aside Champagne, a flute of Cravendale anyone?”

Could be a Stella Artois commercial.

MAA creative scale: 7.

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