Is Ford’s new EV Capri back with a bang or a whimper?

Is this a big opportunity missed? Ford is bringing back its iconic Capri – every Essex boy’s wet dream back in the day and famed conveyance of TV cops Bodie and Doyle in The Professionals – as an EV, presumably in an attempt to replicate the EV Mustang for a slightly different market.

So we get spliced together archive footage from Wieden+Kennedy then Born Social with a WPP team featuring just-about-still-a-legend Eric Cantona.

Pete Zillig, marketing director for Ford Europe, says: “Electrifying a legend like the Ford Capri is about more than just bringing back a beloved model; it’s about redefining what our brand stands for in the EV era and injecting soul into it.

“We don’t do boring, which is why we we’ve run a campaign that has pushed us out of our comfort zone and into a space that feels fresh and authentic to our brand. There were moments of discomfort along the way, but that’s where true innovation happens.”

But has it? You can see what they’re trying to achieve and, maybe, how problematic it is. The obvious thing to do would be to put Eric behind the wheel and have him roaring around the industrial estate where it’s filmed but that would be banned by the thought police (ASA.)

Even so, you expect rather more.

Car looks nice though.

MAA creative scale: 5.

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