Old Spice sets off again up humour mountain with coming of age spin

Another entry in 2024’s humour stakes, “Farewell teenage me” from P&G’s Old Spice to flog its “perfume quality” range. Or, maybe, “smellcome to manhood.”

Yes there are quite a lot of jokes in this new campaign from Wieden+Kennedy London, embarking on the lower slopes of the mountain that remains Old Spice’s “The man your man could smell like.”

P&G says: “Building on consumer insights, we have positioned Old Spice as a ‘coming of age’ product for a generation of young men boldly taking their first steps into manhood.”

W+K creative director David Colman says: “Making a comedy dialogue ad where one person plays both roles was never going to be easy but, with Andreas Nilsson (director) behind the wheel of our ‘Oldspicemobile’ and an incredible team riding shotgun, the film was a lot of fun to make.”

Not bad, won’t have them rolling in the aisles but humour is tough.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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