Are John Lewis and Waitrose going to join forces for iconic Christmas ad?

The John Lewis Christmas ad from adam&eveDDB has become a national event: capturing national media attention and, it’s said, providing JL with £8 of sales for every £1 spent on making it (about a million of them.)

In adland the speculation is always: can they pull it off again? Last year when news ‘leaked’ it was Elton John many people thought they’d blown it – but they hadn’t.

Early rumours are that this year’s is another winner but with a rather significant difference: it’s for John Lewis and its supermarket stablemate Waitrose.

John Lewis and Waitrose marketing departments are being welded together in a bid to save money so, in a way, it makes sense to combine resources in a rather expensive undertaking. Waitrose Christmas ads, also by adam&eve, can slip under the radar against the bigger media budgets of some of its competitors.

But it’s a gamble with an acknowledged national treasure.

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