‘Wear with Abandon’ is Mother’s line for renascent Wrangler

Forgotten that Wrangler jeans – the long-time rival to Levi’s – still existed but it does and it’s going global with new AOR Mother New York. And there’s no pussy-footing around, it’s about the cowboy/girl in all of us.

‘Wear with Abandon’ is the new line, which sounds a bit fey somehow – don’t say this in a bar in Austin.

Global brand president Tom Waldron says: “The ‘Wear with Abandon’ campaign demonstrates the emotional reasons that rock stars, riders, and everyday heroes around the world have identified with this iconic brand for more than 70 years, and marks the innovative rebirth of the cowboy spirit coming to life.”

We’ll see. AN Other magazine’s readers gave the campaign 0 out of 5, which is a bit harsh. Like much from Mother it’s not what you expect but such quirkiness often pays off.

Let’s give it 5 (out of 10) for now.

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