Is McDonald’s straying from bespoke DDB agency We Are Unlimited?

Omnicom’s We Are Unlimited agency, the one set up to handle McDonald’s in the US, is laying off people according to Adweek even though it’s now open for other business too and a DDB team also in Chicago has won the US Army account.

TBWA (also Omnicom) has won some work from McDonald’s as, it’s believed, has Wieden+Kennedy.

WAU was hailed as a new-style “data-driven” agency at its inception, with McD essentially saying it wanted better, faster, cheaper – and more targeted. As just about every client does these days.

Trouble is, some of the work from these outfits is like watching paint dry.

Here’s one of WAU’s (only one of zillions one presumes).

It’s OK but surely a waste of John Goodman.

Bespoke agencies usually hit trouble a couple of years or so in. Is it simply that the client gets bored, not just with the work (which may be hitting the right targets in the right places but is hardly pulse quickening) and, maybe, the same people?

Like most shotgun marriages, one of the partners starts to stray after a while.

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