Channel 4 plugs (fairly) starry line-up with complaints ad

There’s quite a battle going on between in-house broadcaster creative departments as their masters grapple with a changing TV world where subscription-based streaming is challenging more conventional forms of funding (advertising or, in the case of the BBC, you and me.)

The Beeb is reported to be upping its external ad budget to £25m. Why? Because fewer people are watching its channels and it needs to pay to reach new (old) customers.

4Creative is the daddy among in-house creatives and this is a diverting effort, ostensibly about its ability to attract complaints and recognise them but, at the same time, a neat way of plugging its array of stars – some of whom you may even recognise.

I see that C4 and ITV are trying to persuade Ofcom to allow them to increase ad minutage from the current seven minutes per hour as they try to fend off Netflix and others. But surely that will just reduce the price per ad and make them as unwatchable as many digital channels with endless crappy ads for lotteries, law firms and charities? Don’t go there.

This one – MAA creative scale: 7.5.

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