Three signs ad veteran Joan Collins for new-style mobile switching campaign

You can now switch mobile networks in the UK with a free text (thank you Ofcom) and Three, as ever, has been quick off the mark to mark the occasion.

With Dame Joan Collins, no less, in a social campaign from Gravity Road.

Joanie, who’s been married more than once (and found time to appear in a range of ads), advises potential customers not to stay in an “unsatisfactory” relationship.

She says: “Having been married a few times, I can tell you now that staying with someone just to be in a relationship won’t make you happy. It took me a long time to find ‘the one’ because I was never ever going to settle for second best. The relationship you have with your mobile network shouldn’t be any different – when you start to feel unloved, dissatisfied and you can’t see past those niggles, it’s time to move on, darling.”

Quite so.

Very good from Three and Gravity Road.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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