Mother’s Greenpeace ad is recycled for a third time

We are used to seeing ads recycled by a brand — Hovis recently updated its “Boy on the Bike” ad after nearly 50 years — but not to seeing ads recycled by different brands.

Dutch organic supermarket chain Ekoplaza is the latest marketer to use Mother’s animated film about palm oil and deforestation, which was originally made for Greenpeace and was very effectively recycled by another of the agency’s clients, Iceland, at Christmas.

In this Dutch version, Emma Thompson’s voice is replaced by actor Georgina Verbaan, who is well known for her support of environmental causes. The ad will appear online and in all 75 Ekoplaza stores.

Hermeti Balarin, partner at Mother, said: “The Rang-tan story is more than an advert, she has the power to help us wake up and realise that the choices we make in the supermarket can have devastating effects far away from the till.”


  1. It’s unfortunate that such an excellent video would be used to promote a blanket ban of palm oil, when in fact organisations engaged in this issue, including Greenpeace itself, do NOT support such a ban. Instead, they encourage brands, retailers and consumers to demand deforestation-free Certified Sustainable Palm Oil.

  2. Like anything this complicated, the solution is exceptionally nuanced. The messaging by Ekoplaza reflects the most sustainable thing that it can do, reflective of its market size and scale.
    Ekoplaza commits to sustainable sourcing of palm oil and aren’t cutting palm oil from the complete product range on offer in store. Their suppliers need to use palm oil that meets the ‘BIO+RSPO+transparent origin’ requirements.
    This commercial helps to raise awareness of an issue that, until it was launched, was in the shadows. The headline or removing palm oil from own-branded goods is a) true and b) easier to understand for the majority of consumers. This is complemented with in-store and digital comms that go on to explain the full story of ‘BIO+RSPO+transparent origin’ palm oil and the things that Ekoplaza are undertaking to achieve that.

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